What can cause a TPMS to malfunction?

TPMS may not work properly for the following reasons:
  • Sensor low battery: the sensors are equipped with an internal lithium battery with an estimated duration of 4-7 years or 160,000km.
  • Poorly installed valve: TPMS sensors must be installed with nickel-plated valves and not brass or copper valves. The latter can create a galvanic corrosion causing a malfunctioning.
  • Incorrect replacement of tires: tires equipped with TPMS must always be replaced following the correct procedures according to the type of sensor used. The replacement should be done by a professionist. Abrupt or inappropriate handling during their replacement can break or damage the sensors.
  • Application of an incorrect tightening torque: All moving parts of the TPMS must be tightened to the correct tightening torque, neither too low nor too high. Otherwise, the TPMS will not work properly. The correct tightening torque is 4Nm.
  • Electronic fault: The TPMS system consists of electronic devices and circuits that may fail.

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