MATE sensors are the result of a collaboration between two leading companies in their sectors: MAK Spa and Autel.

MAK Spa is a manufacturer of alloy wheels and in 2016 celebrated its 25th anniversary, a very important milestone for the Brescia-based company, created by the joint venture of two historic companies, one active in the industrial metallurgical production sector and the other with a strong commercial experience in the automotive field.

MAK represents today, a brand established in the national and international scene and recognized as one of the sector leaders.

Several factors, among which we must certainly mention the synergies of the Group and a winning Marketing strategy, have allowed a growth since 1991 - the year of birth of the company - of 380%.

Today, new investments keep the level of growth constant: the preparation of a strong stock available to customers and the constant care of the image in all its aspects. The Marketing strategy and preventive planning in each project is Mak's driving base. In all sectors, starting from the productive one, everything must be first checked and planned, in order to allow the optimal performance of the work without any hitch or delay. At the production level, trusted suppliers collaborate in the just-in-time policy ensuring total quality.

As for the sales policy, the effort to cover most of the markets has given today a remarkable result: the coverage of 52 countries with exclusive distribution of the brand. At Mak we are convinced that every single market and every single customer must be followed in a specific way, thus adapting the sales system to specific needs.

The flexibility towards the customer has become a strong point, and has given surprising results even in the most competitive markets such as the Italian one. Today, MAK is recognized worldwide as an innovative company, among the few that, thanks to its original style proposals, drive the fashion of the market.
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