MATE is a tire pressure monitoring system, essential for guaranteeing high safety standards, to avoid an increase in consumption and to prolong the life of the tire.

Developed in collaboration with Autel, an American company leader in diagnostics and TPMS, MATE is a single sensor that includes an infinite number of advantages. The exclusive valve allows you to remove and replace by hand the valve stems, both rubber and metal, without the use of additional tools. The programmable updates then provide coverage of 98% of vehicles and thanks to the maximum power of its signal you can program up to 16 sensors wirelessly, including those already mounted on the wheels.

It is a system tested and certified to meet the SAE standards - Society of Automotive Engineers: serial numbers ensure the use of high quality components and the absence of defects.

MATE also features a weight of 12g, less than most sensors on the market, while maintaining great safety and stability for long-lasting use. The battery, with a considerably longer life compared to traditional solutions, reduces long-term maintenance costs, downtime and replacement times.

These particular systems placed on the rim have a non-indifferent replacement price, and for this reason MATE becomes the best answer toease the operator's work and to offer the customer an excellent service, without risk of damage.
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