How to update Autel tools

Every month, Autel releases updates to improve the tool's performances and expand the range of vehicles for which TPMS sensors can be programmed.

To update the tool correctly it is necessary to:
  1. install the Maxi PC Suite program on the PC, which is located on the dark gray CD included in the tool package.
  2. Turn on the instrument and select the option "My Device -> Update" and connect it via USB cable to the PC.
  3. On the PC, open the "Maxi PC Suite" program and enter the credentials provided by MAK or its sales agent.
  4. The tool screen will turn blue and the message "Update Mode" will appear.
  5. Once done, downloadable updates will appear on the PC program; click on the "UPDATE SELECTED" message at the bottom right side to start the update.
  6. Wait until all updates are downloaded. "Program Update End" will appear on the instrument screen.
  7. Disconnect the instrument from the PC and restart it.

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