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Information and advice for the workshops who want to prepare themselves to manage customer requests regarding the tire pressure warning light and the installation and revision of the TPMS system for tire pressure control.

Talk to customers about the TPMS system

"Explaining and talking about TPMS to the customers is one of the best ways to make them aware of your professionalism and of the assistance you are providing and how TPMS work, so they will know how to behave in an emergency and travel safer on the roads. You will also help them to:
  1. save fuel and pollute less
  2. reduce tire wear
  3. improve car's control
  4. reduce braking distance
  5. decrease the risk of aquaplaning

Make sure you have a good basic education and all the informative material in order to be able to carry out a useful chat with the client and give him the right information.
You can help yourself with information leaflets and consumer material distributed free by MATE. Find out more

How to prepare yourself for the use of TPMS

In order to correctly use MATE TPMS, it would be necessary to have an Autel diagnostic tool, the only one able to program these sensors.
Before disassembling and/or replacing the sensors of the customer, always check their status to ascertain any malfunction and guarantee to the customer the correctness of your work.Find out more

What to care when ordering a TPMS

When ordering a TPMS, always check the car registration certificate to check the production year. Alternatively, read the original sensors using the Autel diagnostic tool to recognize the correct car model and year.
If you order through the MAK B2B platform, always use the "search by car" function so that the model and year of the car will be shown in your order. Find out more
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