Mode of learning of TPMS by the car

The electronic initialization procedure is called Reset or Relearning.
The new IDs must be stored in the ECU after each wheel change(s) (eg winter set), if the vehicle is provided with one or more new sensors, and, in the case of wheel exchange, if the vehicle uses the fixed location . It can be different for each vehicle or series of vehicles.

Main initialization procedures:
Stationary method
The new sensors are acquired following the indications of the car on-board information system.
OBDII method
EOBD connection (European On Board Diagnostic)
It requires a diagnosis tool connected to the vehicle to store one or more IDs in the ECU.
The vehicle can learn more new IDs autonomously, without the use of diagnostic tools. It requires driving the car for a predetermined distance and speed, depending on the vehicle.
For some vehicles it may be necessary to intervene at the car dealer shop to store the new sensors in the on-board ECU.
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